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What was your life like before 7 years old?

Hi David here and wanted to share with you a bit about my life before the age of 7.  I grew up in a place called Birmingham in the UK.  I lived in the countryside.

What I really loved was that I had the opportunity to have a beautiful forest next to my house and so that’s where I spend most of my time, running around and climbing trees. 

I was brought up with my sister Julie and we spent lots of time together, one of my favourite hobbies was riding my bikes.  In those days you could ride safely on the country roads, all over the place, without fear of being knocked off by anybody.

I was so lucky that I had a family that really loved me and lived in such a beautiful place.  For me, when I went to school I was still very shy as a child. It took me a long time to get to know other children.  

One of my fondest memories of Birmingham was at Winter.  The time when we had heavy snow.  I remember going to school and sliding down the hills.  Nowadays it doesn’t snow so much, probably due to climate change, but back then I remember my parents loading heavy bags of cement into the back of the car to make it heavier to stop it sliding.  

I had some really fun times in my early childhood, however, some of them were not so good.  I remember being bullied at school that started from a simple game of marbles with my best friend.  I can’t remember what actually happened but for some reason, I ended up giving my favourite toy car to a friend.  

He and his friend bullied me and it’s hard to remember why nowadays.  I just remember his friend was very tall and intimidating.  I was afraid and ran to the teacher for help.  I felt really uncomfortable at the time and remember telling a teacher basically shrugging his shoulders and ignoring it.  

It carried on and as I was so unhappy my Mother got involved and spoke to my best friend's Mother.  My favourite toy car was returned and things returned back to normal, with my best friend and I stay away from each other.  I look back now and how silly it seemed at the time, especially over something so small.  

Overall though I looked back on my early years with real pleasure because of the snow, the freedom, the trees, a happy family and all those things that I really enjoyed. 

I'd love to hear about your life before 7 years old.  Please share as I'd love to know how it was for you growing up, where you grew up and the sort of family you had and the environment you lived in.  Please share as I would love to read your story.

I appreciate you taking the time to read.  

David Harborne

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