The Secret World of Gay Men | Damien’s Story

I first met Damien Jégo when I went to a New Year Retreat with 90 gay men. Damien, unfortunately, couldn't attend due to COVID, so I kept in contact with him via mobile phone so he felt included and not alone at home. I was running a coaching session at the event called 'Your Best Life' - it went down really well, but because Damien couldn't attend I did a special session for him when I got back home. We got to know each other and I invited Damien to share his story as I felt it could help and inspire gay men who are still closeted to talk to someone about how they are feeling. I was very moved by Damien's story and grateful that he has agreed to share it with the intention to help others. If you are impacted by this video please contact me or if you feel it can be helpful to someone you know, please share it. #inclusion #diversity #inspiration #happiness #fulfillment #secretgay #gay #lgbt #secretgaymen #sexualidentity #sexuality #secretbi #bisexual #coaching #support #wellbeing #selfdevelopment #acceptance #coaching