Share Your Story

When I was younger I could not say the words "I'm gay" to tell my family and friends about my sexuality.  It was only when I met a guy called Alan, who reassured me that whatever I said would remain confidential, could I come to terms with who I am.  This was so important to me as I had a senior managerial position in the NHS and didn't want anyone to find out about me.

It took me weeks to build up trust with Alan to truly share my emotions and feelings about my sexuality.  I was so confused when I met him and I needed someone to listen to me who wasn't going to judge me.  After a few weeks, I started opening up to myself about who I was.  It was so liberating to express and understand what I was feeling inside and I realised I was not alone.

Send me an email to if you have a story to share that you want to share.  Like Alan was with me, I will listen without judgement and everything said, will remain between us.

I'm doing this because I was grateful that I had the opportunity to share my story when I was younger and it was what helped me start my journey of self-discovery to find the real me.

I offer an hour of my time for free to anyone who wants to share their story in confidence without judgement.  If it is something you want to do,  please get in touch with me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Harborne