secrets for gay and bi men to be happy and fulfilled

Secret Gay Men: Gay Secrets To Become Happy And Fulfilled

When you have a secret sexual identity, it can be hard to talk to anyone.

It is a sad place. You may feel anger, anxiety, sadness or depression and a feeling of being alone. Many feelings build up over a long time and become hidden. They are inside you but you don't show them. It is like a pressure cooker that builds up steam and nowhere to let the steam escape.

Some secret gay men avoid the pain by doing something else. They might work hard or do other things to distract them from the pain. For me, I worked hard to be successful. But underneath all my success, I was an unhappy person.
I was feeling very torn because I wanted to be myself but felt pressure to conform to societies expectations. It was exhausting and it didn't seem like there would be an end. I asked myself why am I doing this?

I found a solution. It comes in three parts:

Step 1 is accepting yourself. You are who you are and should be comfortable in your own skin. You should also be confident and love yourself on the inside. It can also help if you remove some negative beliefs that society has put into your head, like that it is disgusting or wrong to do certain things.

Inner transformation means understanding who you are. It doesn't mean coming out, it just means being more self-aware of what is happening inside of you. You become aware of your feelings and why you believe what you do. Once this stage is complete, you will have greater self-love and understanding towards yourself, and be less impacted by what other people think.

Step 2 is about how you can share who you are with those you want to. You can do this in a controlled way that is positive. If you don't want people to know about your sexuality, then you don't have to tell them. You can say that it is private and not talk about it. However, if you do not come out about who you are to others, then your life experience may be limited. For example, if you wanted to find a partner of the same sexual orientation it would be difficult.

It is a person's choice if they want to share or not share their sexuality.

Being closeted is a choice. It's OK to be closeted if that is what you want. I was not given the choice because someone threatened to tell my friends and family about my sexuality.

It was hard at first, but it ended up being good because I got support. I wasn't alone anymore. I learned that there's nothing wrong with me and started to meet other men just like me. It was liberating.

I told my parents and friends over time. I did it after I was comfortable with who I am so that the news would be shared in a positive way. Not all parents and friends are the same, so you need to decide for yourself if and when is the right time to tell them.

So remember to get support when you need it, but go out and make friends. You can do this discretely or in public. But start to make new friends!

Step 3
is to think about what your purpose, vision and mission are in life. Once you have started to feel comfortable with yourself, you may start to wonder what life is all about. What is the meaning of your life?

As I have gotten older, I have started to think more about my purpose and direction. To help me figure this out, I worked with a facilitator. When I look back over my life, I see all the good times and bad. They have made me who I am today. It has led me to find my true calling in life, which is helping others.

I hope that these secrets to be happy and fulfilled have been helpful. They come from my own life. I realized it doesn't happen overnight, but instead day by day, step by step things start opening up and you start to realize more of who you are and your true potential.

If you have read this and want to talk with someone about your own journey, I can help. If you are a man with a sexual identity that is secret, and you need encouragement or support, please visit my website (you can also email me at

Thank you for reading.

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