Connect Programme - this is a weekly group coaching call that takes place on zoom. It is an opportunity for gay/bi men who have a secret sexual identity to talk to each other in a safe place. This group will be only by invitation only and members who attend via zoom do not need to show themselves on zoom (keep their cameras closed) and only display a first name if they want to. The meeting will be facilitated by David Harborne who will invite members to share their stories if they want to. It is away secret gay/bi men can talk to each other safely and anonymously. Each week David will share a topic and invite discussion on the top from members. Members will also be invited to ask questions and encouraged to get to know each other. When a member feels confident to share their video. This is a free chat space where you can meet others like yourself and share your experiences. If you want to join this group click this link for more information

Step 1 is accepting yourself/Under the Radar Programme - for men who want their sexuality to remain hidden - this programme is for gay/bi men who do not want to come out, but need someone trusted they can talk to in order to release the tension and pressure of maintaining a secret life.
Not everyone wants to come out and therefore this programme is about getting to know yourself and tackle any confusions or misalignments.

Step 2 is about how you can share who you are with those you want to. / The Big Reveal Programme/ The Unmask Programme is for gay/bi men who have chosen to come out but need support.

Step 3 is to think about what your purpose, vision and mission are in life./ The Butterfly programme is for those who have come out but lack meaning and direction in their life. This programme will support men find their purpose, mission, vision, values and overall direction in life, so that they feel more fulfilled.