Khakan Qureshi's Story

What does it mean to be religious and what does it mean to practice your region?

This is just one of the questions Khakan shared with me when I had the pleasure to talk with him over Christmas. Khakan is an award-winning LGBT Activist who advocates for South Asians LGBT+.

During our discussion, Khakan shared his intimate experiences about growing up with anxiety and depression in his earlier years as a South Asian gay man and how nowadays he supports many in his community who are struggling with experiences of being LGBT+.

We agreed that people need to learn to differentiate between religion, tradition and culture but it's so intrinsically linked to our ancestry/ heritage it's difficult to separate but acknowledge these are important parts of our identity.

Two books that Khakan recommended were:

A Dutiful Boy: A memoir of secrets, lies and family love (Winner of the LAMBDA 2021 Literary Award for Best Gay Memoir/Biography) by Mohsin Zaidi

Homosexuality in Islam: Critical Reflection on Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Muslims by Scott Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle If any of this resonates with you, please comment and share.

If this resonates with you, please share and comment.






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