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Welcome to my coaching programmes which are all completely confidential and designed specifically for those who I work with.

Why I do this work: I believe it is important that gay men are recognised and respected for their individual differences.   A significant number of gay men conceal important aspects of themselves and this can have serious impacts on their lives.  I support men in a non-judgemental way to enable them to self express their feelings and discover their deeper selves.  I believe by becoming more self-aware of our values and our beliefs, we can have more direction and fulfilment in our lives.

What I do:  I only work with a handful of men, so I can offer the best possible experience. I like to work with men that I resonate with, therefore always suggest connecting first to find out if I'm the right person for you and you are my kind of person.  I've worked with some amazing coaches and not so amazing coaches, so I believe it is important to work with the person that resonates with you most in order to get the best results.

I am keen to work with people who share my values of honestly, optimism, nature, gratitude, oneness, liberation, belonging, empathy, pragmatism and security, but if you aren't clear on your core values, don't worry as these will likely reveal themselves at our first meeting.

I support men to achieve their deeper transformations, so it usually means taking action every single day.  It is probably important to mention here that transformation doesn't happen overnight.  Everyone's journey is different, so how long it takes is different for everyone.

I described my work as person-centred and value-based.  As you can see from the diagram below, most of the decisions we make, actions we take and results we get are nested on a range of emotions, feelings and thoughts.  Much of what creates these thoughts and emotions are in our subconscious, learnt over many years, from our parents, culture and experiences.

I undertake timeline analysis, which basically means reviewing the highest and lowest points in your life to help determine your core values, true vision and mission.  In addition, I help you identify the key skills that you already have but may have got buried over the years.  By understanding what drives you (your beliefs and values), you are able to gain control over your own life instead of being on autopilot.

At about the age of 35 years old we all tend to be habitual in our behaviour and gaining a deeper understanding of who you are can give you the power to transform your life.  At the start, you may not even realise some of your habits because they are so routine, but over time and with support, these move from your subconscious to your conscious.  When you are conscious of your habits, you have the opportunity to change them.

My work is to support men undertake a deep transformation of themselves so that they understand the constructs they have built up during their lives.  I have shared only a small part of my work here, I am sure you have lots of questions about my coaching practice, so my suggestion is to arrange a call by contacting me at and we can arrange a time to speak and discuss your specific needs.

Results Actions Decisions Emotions Feelings Thoughts Triggers Beliefs (Truths) Values

How I work:  As I mentioned, every programme is co-created and unique to the men I work with.  Here are some possible ideas to help you decide what is best for you.  If you want something that is not listed below, let me know as I am keen to co-create something specifically to meet your needs.

Far East Retreat - I have a retreat in Vietnam if you want to get away from it all for a week or two.  This can be really helpful if you want to break old habits and get a fresh perspective on things.  During the retreat, time will be set aside each day to focus on your specific coaching needs, but for the rest of the time, it is a great place to relax or do some sightseeing.  Vietnam is one of my favourite places, but if this is not for you, I know of some other amazing places to escape to.

Weekly online sessions - I offer weekly online sessions on an individual basis.  These sessions are really convenient for most men who are busy and want flexibility.

Worldwide in person - I fly all over the world, so let me come to you and spend some dedicated time in person.  I know zoom is convenient, but I believe it does not replace the enjoyment of in-person meetings.  One of my values is nature and ideally working with men in nature can be very helpful as I believe nature can help us find answers to complex challenges in our lives.

Weekly Group Sessions - I offer weekly online sessions with groups of between 2-6 people.  These are intimate groups so you can get to know each other and build up trust.

Additional bonuses:

7 days/week contact - When I am working with someone I provide them with my mobile phone/Whatsapp number so I can be contacted between sessions.  It is a two-process as I may want to find out how you are getting on or you may want to share some news or need additional support.  I want to reassure you that you are not alone on your journey.  I will be right by your side all the way.

Training - Sometimes the people I support lack some skills and where possible I will signpost or give recommendations to resources that I have found personally useful.

I am sure you have lots of questions about my coaching practice, so my suggestion is to arrange a call by contacting me at and we can arrange a time to speak and discuss your specific needs.

What does it cost:  Most of my programmes are bespoke, so the costs may vary depending on your needs.  My suggestion is to arrange a conversation where I can discuss your needs in more detail.

Get in touch:  To find out more about what I offer, please get in touch at and we can arrange a time to get together.